This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Exercise

During your exercising, when you are going to the gym, there are some things that are happening to your body. Not only is your body getting fitter, however you are also getting healthier. The one thing that people don’t understand is that there are many things actually happening with your body when you are exercising. In summary, this is actually what is happening to your body when you are exercising at home or at the gym:

 Your muscles

With exercising at home or at the gym, your muscles are contracting and working all the time. To be able to work correctly, your body needs to get more ATP and glucose. This is because this is the things that your body needs to have workable muscles.

Your breathing is getting faster, so that enough oxygen can get to your muscles and to the organs, that’s producing ATP and glucose. If this doesn’t happen, this is where you’re cramping starts.


As you start to breathe faster and faster, your lungs are working faster when you are working out at the gym. They are contracting and opening a lot faster. In some cases, 15 times more than the normal breathing. You are getting tired when your lungs are reached full capacity and can’t provide this large amount of oxygen anymore.

The fitter you become, the more your lungs can function and the longer you can go without running out of oxygen. This is why people that are fit, can go so long before getting tired. Click here !


This is where health comes in: When your muscles are working, and your lungs are going to capacity, there is also something happening to your heart.

Your heart is starting to beat faster and faster. The fitter you are, the faster your heart can beat. This is where the oxygen is getting to transfer from your lungs to your muscles all over your body. This is also where your blood pressure starts to decrease. This is one of the reasons why people with heart conditions need to start doing exercising as soon as possible.


With each heartbeat that is pumping blood and oxygen to your muscles and other parts of your body, it is also getting to your brain. A healthy brain is going to improve your overall health. The more oxygen you are getting to your brain, the healthier your brain begins to feel. This is why you are feeling more energize during the day, after an exercise.

With regular exercising, you are generating new brain cells, that is going to assist you with diseases when you are getting older and when other diseases like Alzheimer’s are getting to become a risk.

There are many things that are going to happen to your body when you are exercising. All these things are going to be beneficial to your body on the short and long term. People that are doing regular exercises are feeling great and will have an overall good health that only can be achieved through exercising.